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Have a look at an example of a "Personalized Video"

Wouldn't you want to have your own video poker segment to share with family and friends? Well, now you can as we're offering all 888poker players their own free "Personalized Video," which utilises data – such as your biggest pot, how you rank in your country, most frequent winning hand, etc. – to tell your poker story.

So, how does it work? With the help of a creative team, dynamic 888poker storyboards are constructed from a database of players, and millions of personalized videos can be created in 24 hours. These videos, which are sent via email and are available in players' private zones, are a summary of your weekly activity including 21 different types of stats from both tournament and cash games.

Some of the other stats highlighted include:

  • Best hand
  • Number of knockouts
  • Aggressiveness meter
  • Player nemesis
  • Loose/tight meter

"Poker is a skill game with a lot of statistics, so we can generate very personal and engaging content that can be interesting to the player and even improve [their] game," said one of the project managers.

Research shows that the most engaging content is that which shows the customer something about themselves. We, at 888poker, realize this and are always keen to discover new and exciting ways to interact with our players. Therefore, we have decided to partner with Treepodia, the top provider in this area of marketing, to take this research to a whole new level and together we created a technology that translates big data into personalised videos.

According to their website, Treepodia is transforming the brands of countless companies worldwide by specialising in creating tailored videos for each and every customer.

"The 'Personalized Video' is constructed around each player, including deep, personalized info like their gender, nationality, profits, and playing patterns, to create a story the keeps evolving as long as the player stays active," said one of the project's team leaders. "Thus creating a long-term and meaningful connection between the brand and the players.”

"Specifically, 888 was looking for a way to engage players in a new and powerful way in order to retain them. By using their stats and behaviour and creating a personalized TV poker series; with a new episode each week, each player can see their progress and compete against themselves and other players."

The personalized video service includes built-in share buttons, meaning users can share their video via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. In fact, in the pilot version, more than 1,000 out of 10,000 players chose to share their movie on social networks.

The project has already been launched as a pilot to 20,000 players in the English market, and plans are already in the works to launch it in more languages and markets around the world. So be one the lookout. 




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